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Team League

Registration Rules Scheduling matches

You enjoy playing Backgammon? It's even more fun together with friends! Make up a team of three players and join the competition! The teams play each other in a league or round robin system.


Season 05/2005 will start on Sep 12th. Registration is open until Sep 11th.

The Winner of TEAM league season 04/2005 is

Team gnubg-3ply !

Team gnubg-3ply won Team League season 04/2005. After a tight race with up to 5 teams having a chance to win, team gnubg-3ply prevailed over teams The_Arc and DreamTeam. Between these two teams a photo finish decided the second place.

Congratulations to all!


New teams may register any time for the next season.

  1. Find two friends. (A team consists of three people.) For finding other players who would like to join a team I have started a topic on FibsBoard where you can get in touch with each other.
  2. Agree on a team order, i.e. who will play on no. 1, 2 and 3. Best go by ratings, but you can choose any order you like.
  3. Decide who is captain. The captain is responsible for all team actions and the communication with the tournament host.
  4. Register each team member and the team on GammonLeague and sign up for the upcoming season.
  5. Wait for the new league to begin, have fun and enjoy your matches! :-)


The tournament rules cannot, and are not intended to, cover every possible situation that may arise during the course of a match or is otherwise related to the tournament. All decisions of the tournament director will be final.

  1. Every team consists of three players.
  2. Every team has to state a team captain who will be responsible for all team actions.
  3. Before the start of a season the team has to decide on who will play on position no. 1, no. 2 and no. 3.
  4. Throughout the entire season this order remains fixed.
  5. Players at the same position of the opposing teams will play each other. (#1 vs. #1, #2 vs. #2, #3 vs. #3)
  6. Depending on the participating teams there will be one or more divisions. If there is more than one divison the overall winning team will be determined by play-off matches between the winner of every division.
  7. Within every division the teams play once every other team in this division.
  8. The match length for all matches is 5 points.
  9. Points are awarded as following: For every played individual match both teams receive 1 team point, irrespective of the outcome. The team of the winner receives 1 match point (per individual match). A team win is achieved by winning at least 2 of the 3 matches between 2 teams. The winning team scores 2 additional team points, the losing team none.
  10. Teams will be ranked according to a) team points, b) match points, c) outcome of the direct match.
  11. All matches have to be played until the specified date.


  1. Every player is responsible for scheduling her/his own matches.
  2. Contact your opponents early.
  3. Contacting your opponents should primarily be done by e-mail. Do not rely on FIBS messages or chats.
  4. If you can't find out the mail address of your opponent, contact the captain of her/his team.
  5. If your opponent doesn't respond to your contacting mail within a week, write another and include "tryout.fibs (at)" in CC:.
  6. If there's no reply I will award the match at the end of a season to the player who made a reasonable effort in trying to contact her/his opponent.
    It's not possible to award forfeits if I didn't get a CC:ed contact mail. FIBS messages are not provable and thus not enough.
  7. Nobody will get any points in case neither player has sent any mail.

Have fun and be fair and courteous!

Contact: tryout on FIBS or via e-mail "tryout.fibs (at)"

Last updated on Sep 5th, 2005.