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My NickName on Fibs : Tomawaky / Msn Messenger :

Received 205€ :
25 may 2004 - 50€ (Germany)
9 jun 2004 - 100€ (Switzerland)
9 jul 2004 - 25€ (Netherlands)
15 jul 2004 - 30€ (Great Britain)


Other players involved at FLG :
 Kari_Grandi, Tryout, Houtx, LuckyDice, Mano, Socksey, Gogogiz, amarganth, Anakin, Don, BushSucks, Diane, mradica, ....

20 October 2001 The FibsLeagammon Is Born
1 December 2001 First League session from 1st december 2001 to beginning of january 2002
3 Mars 2002 First League Final in end of February Tygger 16-5 Socksey.
10 November 2002 Welcome to Kari_Grandi who take the Tournament's Management
1 December 2002 The session begin with more than 100 registered players
29 March 2003 Master League is splitting in 2 Divisions of 12 players. More open but the occasion to meet new people.
1 May 2003 A new pyramidal system is now implemented for the League with 2 Master divisions.
14 May 2003 The FibsLeagammon-Team-League is create
1 June 2003 Play-off will determine the League's Champion
1 August 2003 New kind of realtime tournament "Friday 3"
2 January 2004 Today's FIBSLeaGammon Fridays3 tourney was held with the assistance of TourneyBot.
28 november 2004 The 18th session finish with 186 players participating in the League. The actual Record ;-)
June 2006 Bagolympic well know as "BAGO" start his first session.
1 January 2008 More than 50 new players join the League for 2008. The session 35 start with 145 players.
January 2008 First Fibs Masters Championship organized with the participation of mradica.
6 April 2008 First Exhibition Game between Paul Money (Winner of the FLG 2007) and Kit Woolsey (2008 8th BG Giants)
 28 december 2008 The First Fibs Team League is on the road with no more than 21 Teams.
9 may 2009

Second Exhibition Game between Peter aka the Juggler (Winner of the FLG 2008) and Matvey "Falafel" Natanzon (rated no. 1 on 2007 backgammon giants list).

13 september 2009 First Ever GammonZone/FIBS Challenge Tournament
23 october 2010 Third Exhibition Game between Martin Birkhahn aka runnerup (Winner of the FLG 2009) and Mochy (2009 World Champion and rated no. 1 on 2009 backgammon giants list).


Year Leagues matches played





"Life, like backgammon, is constant decision-making under uncertainty. 

Mastering it requires maximizing chances, minimizing risks as well as flexibility 

and adaptation of strategies facing the ever-changing situations that occur."


Chiva K. Tafazzoli : I don´t think the game necessarily needs a change. It´s the oldest game on the planet and as long as there are still people populating the world, there will be backgammon. Backgammon is the perfect combination of skill and luck and the better player will always prevail in the long run. The spice of the game is the unknown factor of “long run”. In my opinion, backgammon should not be touched and turned into something more skillful like chess or something more luck-based like craps.