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August :

New kind of realtime tournament "Fridays 3" started 1.August. Check rules and point standings under Tourneys section.

Swiss tourney is on it's 5/7 round.


Jully :

AramKhan won the League final against Sharon while TEAM-Grog (Biggles_two, snowflakes, Shuggie_II) was the convincing winner of the first TeamLeague-season. For more infos visit the Hall of Fame!

July sees four events running: the new League season, new Team-League season, Swiss Tourney and Summer Trial Tourney:

- Karis Summer Trial has started with 36 players
- Team-League has 14 teams now and therefore split into two groups. Winners and second placed will go into the semi-finals
- League has a new playoff-modus now. Master A winner faces Master runner-up for semifinals and vice versa
- Swiss Tourney is still on its was

Finally very good news: Winners of all running and upcoming events can claim a Fibs-t-shirt!! Winners please contact your TD and alef to get your shirt. Thanks alef for adding prizes to the league J


June :

AramKhan and Sharon have made it to the finals of the league winning Master A and B-group. Congrats both! For Sharon it is the fourth final (!!!) while AramKhan is a first-timer. Ask Aram or Sharon to find out when the final will take place or look again.

Next session league-rules will change! A playoff will be introduced between first of Master A and second of Master B and vice versa. Match length for the semifinals is 11 points. The Winners will play the final, which 13 points as usual.

The new league-season will start 1. 6. and last three month as it is summer. End of the session is august.

Kariís Summer-Trial tournament will start in July. Every round is 11-points and the finals 15-points. Watch out at the tourney-buttons to register. 

Team-league has started with 11 teams! As lots of matches have been played allready in the first days it seems the league is popular. Look at the league-button to find out which teams are there. And tell us which team-name you like best J Of course new teams are welcome. Next session will start juli.


May :

The new Fibsleagammon-Swiss tourney is underway now. It is 7 rounds with XX players taking part. For results and standings take a look at the button "tourneys". Tourney director is Tomawaky.

On 14th of May the new Fibsleagammon-Team-League will start. For details click Team-Button or ask league-directors cht and AramKhan. Hope to see your team entering.

To make the league more fun a new pyramidal system is now implemented. Two master, gold and silver with three bronze and four sesame leagues. It is easier for newbies to move up fast and also old leaguers will meet new people easier. If you have more suggestions contact Tomawaky.