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All about Fibs

Your Favorite Server
FIBS is the First Internet Backgammon Server, it allows Internet users to play backgammon in real-time against real people (and even some bots). There are players of every conceivable ability logging onto FIBS, from absolute beginners to serious backgammon champion contenders.
It is the earliest online backgammon community. Created by Andreas (marvin) Schneider, FIBS has been in operation since July 19, 1992.
Fibs Forum

Fibsboard started out as a forum for the members and regular users of the First Internet Backgammon Server (F.I.B.S.).
Webrunner maintains this site since november 2002.
You will find there many information about Fibs and his community life.

Javafibs2001 : The Best Interface for FIBS
Here is for me the best interface to use to play at Fibs.
JavaFIBS 2001 v1.009 (1.28 MB) is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris and others. You will need Java 1.3+ installed on your computer to be able to use it. Instructions in how to install and use JavaFIBS 2001 is included in the manual in the archive.
A great job done by Peter Nevalainen who has also created the SweBoard. With the same interface, you can play there Bräde, which is a swedish varation of backgammon.
TourneyBot is an automated tourney manager
What fun it is to play backgammon on FIBS. People from every corner of the globe, from beginners to world class players, available for simple games and chatter or for serious high level matches. But every once in a while one wishes that there was something else, something more competitive than just strings of non-related matches...
This is where TourneyBot tries to help. TourneyBot is an automated tourney manager. It is a non-playing bot that can organize and manage tourneys. It advertises scheduled tourneys via shouts, registers players, draws the match-ups, records the score and declares winners.


Other Online Tourneys

The David Escoffery's FIBS tournaments is a serious place if you want to enter a tournament for money.
OBJECTIVE: To have fun in a large-draw, non-commercial, low entry fee tournament among some of the nicest people on the net, including some of the best backgammon players on the Internet.
I have still never played there but all the people that I met and talked with, about it, have only made praises

World Famous Tournament on MSN Gaming Zone
Big events and all kind of tourneys ar available at Gammonzone. Matches are to be played generaly at Club Games, Yahoo, Pogo, TrueMoneyGames, World Gaming Center or FIBS.
Scheduling is very short and it can be difficult to plan your matches, if you have not enough free time, as it is a worldwide tournament and that every player may not be able to play at their most convenient time.
Another tourney I run for GoL members. It is a Swiss random pairment, where players are dropped by the end, as soon as they loose their third match. The winner will be the last player with less than 3 loss.

It is a pyramid shaped structured ladder tournament where you play against the other players and move up the pyramid as you win matches. When you move into the top levels of the pyramid you will be awarded session points for your wins and in accumulating points you can win the FIBS-O-NACCI session.

Improve your Game

GammOnU is an online backgammon center and magazine, and was established by the backgammon expert Kit Woolsey in 1999, in order to bring together and generate a professional community of backgammon players.Until 2006 readers could use the Web only by a subscription payment, but today, with the cooperation of Play65, this Website is open for all, so users and backgammon players can enjoy and use it with no fee.GammOnLine gives some good advices, tips and conceptual ideas about backgammon. It provides a great variety of information which will help every user to play backgammon; beginners, intermediates and advanced players.Generally, most of the matters in GammOnLine are accessible for all the users, but despite this, there are some issues that the online backgammon magazine provides only for subscribers, for example: the online backgammon matches- users can watch the matches and read the detailed analysis, the subscribers can participate by a vote. (The website has been renamed from GammOnLine to GammonU after a bad story with play65/GE)
Stick's forum is also a great place to discuss about the game with great players. And it's free.
Jens Göring is a Dailygammon Player who try to discuss roughly one position or problem each day.
Backgammon Lessons
by Phil Simborg
Phil Simborg has been playing for 50 years and teaching for 20. He has been ranked as high as No 2 on the American Tour. He run the auctions, give lectures and participate in major events.
Another good software not very expensive.
If you want to improve and don't want to buy Snowie, you need to use at least GNU Backgammon ;-)
Annoted Match - Kit Woolsey vs. Jeremy Bagai Annotated Match by Kit Woolsey, Jeremy Bagai, and TD-Gammon
Webby's Backgammon Quiz Interesting quiz with answer and analysis


Online play site

For Money and for Fun
I like playing freeroll there. There are 3-5Pts match length which is really more interresting that 1Pt in most of the other places.
The best interface to play with :-).
A very good interface for playing and community by the team who product Extremme Gammon.
backgammon by e-mail
You can play here Backgammon in a sort of play by email, without the necessity your opponent is connected at the same time.

Do you search for other way to play your favorite Board Game : Try SweBoard.
Peter Nevalainen offer an excellent place to play others games, and personnaly I like Bräde (Swedish Boardgame) wich is played in


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Backgammon Information

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Pourquoi j'aime ce jeu ;-)
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