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1. Format is 3 pt single-elimination match play, Final 5 pts. Tourney is being played online realtime in Fibs. It starts every Friday at the same time.

Every Friday 14:00 GMT
(From the last Sunday in March To the last Sunday in October)
Every Friday 15:00 GMT
(From the last Sunday in October To the last Sunday in March).
worldtime .

2. Each Match is limited to 45 minutes.

3. Anyone gone for 7 minutes or gone a total of 3 times will forfeit that match. Player missing will be timed by the tournament host ONLY and should be reported to the host.

5. In each tourney, points will be rewarded like this (16 players bracket): Winner:12 points, finalist 8 points and other players will get 2 points for each win. In 32 players bracket, Winner:14 points, finalist 10 points and other players will get 2 points for each win.

After each month the player with most points will be a Monthly Winner of   "Fridays 3".

Online procedure:

1. Host opens the tourney in "shouts". Every player, who sends a command 'tell tourneybot register #' within 20 minutes (or max. 32 players) to the bot will qualify into tourney.

2. When the bracket/time is full, TourneyBot will announce the playing pairs.

3. Please be patient ! Sometimes other games need to finish before you can receive your next assignment.