FiBS Backgammon Tournament Online First Internet Backgammon Server

12/12/2013 - Hello, I need a break. I have in recent years spent a lot of time for you to enjoy, at least I hope so. But today new occupations take my time and I have to make a choice. Always around the backgammon but I refocused on my country ( Please excuse me for this choice, but it is impossible for me to take care of both the site at the same time ...

31/12/2013 The good news is that it will may continue here

Classification of the League, session number .


Legend for a row
Match won 3 Pts awarded to the winner.
Match loss 1 Pt awarded to the Loser (except for a forfeit).
Win to confirm The winner of the match must use it to confirm the post
Loss posted Nothing to do. Will change when the winner confirm.
Unplayed Match The loser of the match must use it to post his loss